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Hungry Hungry Hippos


Chase down the marbles with four very hungry gators. Push the lever as fast as you can to get as many marbles as possible to your hippos mouth! If your hippo gobbles the most you win! A game for two to four players. There is nothing more fun than serious hippo chomping with your friends. You can get in on the feeding action when you send the marbles into the game. Move your hippo the fastest to get as many marbles as you can and keep those hippos full.

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This classic ball-munching, hippo-gobbling family game is for two to four players. Launch the marbles into the central pond and take control of one of the four hippos as the feeding frenzy commences. The player who gobbles most marbles wins. Contains 20 plastic marbles, 19 red and one golden, features four brightly coloured hippos, a plastic base, and marble storage area. Game is suitable for ages 4 and upwards.


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